1-2-3 Quickset® (PRA92007)

  • Tough Acrylic, 3rd generation adhesive
  • Easy 3 step bonding system
  • No mixing required
  • Excellent on aluminium and will join almost anything including most plastics and will even bond on oily surfaces!
  • Suited to well matched surfaces and has no gap filling capabilities

Adheres to:
Rigid plastics, metals, aluminium, ceramics, fibreglass, perspex, nylon,
brass etc

Suggested use:
Repairs to handles
Bonding metal parts
Bond stiffener ribs to aluminium sheets
Bond fibreglass to metal
Mend ceramics
Fix rear view mirror to windscreen

Note: Shelf life is 1-8 years depending on storage temperature.

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1-2-3 Quickset® (PRA92007)