Epoxy Putties

Industrial Putty® (white) 2kg (PRA80205)

  • The composition of this product is identical to Pratley Putty
  • The Putty stick size and packaging however is larger
  • Industrial Putty is also available in either black or white
  • Hand mouldable and sets very hard
  • Ideal for under water use
  • Withstands most chemicals, mild alkalines, oils and petrol.

Adheres to:
Metals, cement, concrete, stone, glass, slate, wood
and most other rigid materials.

Suggested use:
Repair underwater leaks
Repair cracked swimming pools
Mend broken roof tiles
Seal metal water tanks or gutters
Repair broken engine sumps and radiators
Mend chipped basin or toilets

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Industrial Putty® (white) 2kg (PRA80205)