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Great Pratley Moments in History

Great Pratley Moments in History

great pratley moment in history

Pratley Original Putty ®

The irony is that I write to record my moment from Durban in South Africa. Over 30 years ago I had all my teeth capped. Recently a bridge which included two pinned capped teeth and a bridging tooth came loose and broke away due to decay in the one supporting tooth. The two root structures were extracted and then the dentist wanted to charge me an exorbiant amount for three implants. I still had the three tooth pieces and a wedding to go to. I placed a piece of a plastic bag on my gums, mixed Pratley’s Quickset Putty®, pushed it into the plastic and then fitted the teeth onto the putty and waited 15monutes or so for it to harden. I cut off excess, sourced nail varnish that matched the colour of my gum and painted that portion above the teeth. I fit the teeth during the day, chew on them and remove them at night. I am due to see another dentist but nobody at the wedding noticed anything untoward!

Roger Arnulphy - Durban
Pratley Wondafix ®

I recently used Pratley Wondafix to seal a rip in my camping tent and had no sign of leakage right through a wet weekend of camping.

Kristian Pilkington - Victoria

Pratley Original Putty ®

Pratley's Putty is an extremely strong adhesive sold across the world. Used by the space agency, Nasa®, in the 1960s due to its strength and mouldable properties, it is the only South African invention to have made it to the moon. It was invented by George Pratley in 1948 while trying to develop a glue to hold components in an electrical box.

BBC News

Pratley Original Putty ®

Whilst Manoeuvring the shower head recently in a rented apartment, I was a little forceful and made a substantial crack in it, causing the majority of water to flow through the crack and not the holes. Instead of replacing it, I used Pratley Putty to cover the crack and seal the leak and go on to collect my bond when I moved out, with the agent and landlord being none the wiser!

Paul White - Victoria

Pratley Wondafix ®

When Wondafix® was first launched, Mr. Kim Pratley stood under a 13 tonne bulldozer held by nothing more than a joint glued together with Wondafix®. The story made national TV news in South Africa at the time.

Pratley Headquarters - SA

Pratley Wondafix Car ®

All Pratley products are perfect, however, new Wondafix Car® is absolutely perfect! The DIY car owner simply must have it on his garage shelf. I run a Mini, MG "TC", Lotus 7 and Ferrari Dino and find Wondafix Car® indispensible on all the cars. Full marks Pratley.

Graham White - Johannesburg

Pratley Original Putty ®

I have something new and most useful that I have done with your Pratley Putty. My false teeth broke down the centre, the dentist could not mend them, so I made them strips of putty, put the strips across the break and it has been a wonderful mend. I am still wearing the denture. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful and useful commodity.

Miss D Maudkerryie

What's your greatest pratley moment?