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George Montague Pratley establishes Pratley Engineering.


Development of a mine hose clamp with cam action clamping, one of the first Pratley products.


Introduction of the “Vula Vala Valve” for the mining industry.

The world’s first Electrical Delay Explosives Igniter patented – the patent was sold to finance Pratley Manufacturing and Engineering Co.


Pratley develops one of the first cable resin joints in SA.


The unique Pratley Adjustable Cable Gland® for SWA and Flexible cable is introduced to the market.


“Humphrey”, the robot is born, made from pieces of scrap stuck together with Pratley Putty®.

Pratley Putty® is used on the Ranger Module and goes to the Moon!


Pratley adhesives and putty commercialised with the introduction of industrial and consumer packs.


Launch of the Pratley Bike, a miniature motorcycle that folds into a carry bag.


The worlds only chemical delay igniter is developed by Pratley.

Launch of the first; synthetic cable junction box with “built-in” cable glands.


Pratley starts prospecting the only viable Perlite and Zeolite deposit in SA.


Kim Pratley joins Pratley full time after completing an MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering.


Founder, George Montague Pratley dies. Kim Pratley, his son, succeeds him as CEO of the Pratley Group.


Pratley Wondafix® is launched by the CEO, Kim Pratley, standing underneath a 13 ton Bulldozer suspended in the air by two disks glued together with a hairline layer of Wondafix® adhesive.


Winner of the prestigious Technology Top 100 Award for Pratley Pratlok® Thread Locking Adhesives.

Launch of the Envirogland® range of corrosion protected encapsulated glands.

Wham®, accelerated super glue is launched. This was done by hoisting a VW Beetle off the ground, 3.5 seconds after Wham® was applied to the join.


Pratley Steel Putty® is launched. Looks like steel and sets like steel!


Pratley celebrates a half-century of successful business.


Commissioning of a rare raw materials plant that makes Pratley adhesives self sufficient.

Launch of Ezee-bond® and SP020®, both are versatile, high strength, two part acrylic adhesives.


Pratley Perlite Mining Co. acquires its 3rd facility in Chamdor, Krugersdorp for the processing of minerals.

Pratley builds a large new technical training centre for the training of its customers.


Business Achiever of the Year Award – Mogale City, overall winner.


Pratley launches the “Gland with the Band” and the “Box with the Band” Enviroglands, Enviro Compression Glands and Ezeefit® boxes with red identification bands for Ex applications.

Andrew Pratley joins Pratley after completing a degree in Information Technology from Monash University.


Pratley Diamond Mining Co. begins diamond mining operations in the North West Province of South Africa.


Pratley Analytical, a new and exciting Pratley division begins operations. This division is involved in high-end minerals microanalysis.


Pratley launches the Ex d e Ezee-Seal Barrier Gland that employs revolutionary, patented technology. Ready for use in just 5 minutes!

Pratley launches Clinobrite® Cationic Filter Medium for swimming pools. The product reduces chlorine usage by absorbing ammonia from the water.

Pratley launches Powda Bond® adhesive filler. Ideal for gap filling and adding reinforcement to joints.


Charles Pratley joins Pratley after completing a BSC degree in Industrial Engineering from Wits University.

Pratley launches Clinofish® Cationic Filter Medium for fish ponds. The product effectively removes toxic ammonia from the water.